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why aquaskin?

How we are different

Aquaskin® offers only premium drink bottles and was one of the first in the world to design and manufacture foldable or collapsible bottles.  You've probably seen cheap imitations but we are sure they are nothing like the quality or safety of an Aquaskin®.  Aquaskin® does not compromise on quality or safety.  Aquaskins are BRC certified food grade (the only manufacturer we know of), BPA & Pthalate free, made with 3 layers of strong, food grade, pure materials to Australian, US and European safety standards.  Aquaskins® are also dishwasher safe (to 90C/170F), freezer friendly, and durable.  Aquaskins® are also pretty cool and fun to use!

Why foldable bottles and why use a drink bottle at all?

It's well documented that most of us don't drink enough water.  The obvious solution was to create a bottle that encourages us to hydrate, without the burden of carrying around an ugly, heavy and space consuming bottle. So we developed aquaskin®, a special line of foldable bottles. Other than being fun and engaging, they're practical. They're reusable and can be folded once they're empty for easy transport.  Due to them being flat, they also consume less energy and carbon to transport, which helps limit environmental stresses.  Using a re-usable bottle instead of a throw away bottle also helps keep our environment clean. 

BPA & Pthalate Free

Our aquaskin® bottles are certified BPA free. BPA is considered to be a harmful plastic compound which is found in some reusable bottles and the lining of tin cans and can cause problems with the endocrine and reproductive systems. It has been declared a toxic substance in Canada and is banned in the manufacture of bottles throughout the European Union. Do not risk your health. Buy a BPA free aquaskin®.

Non Toxic

Unlike some other drink bottles, aquaskin® are made with non toxic food grade inks in their colours and patterning.  It is not safe to risk the health of yourself or your child by drinking from bottles that could potentially be leaking harmful chemicals into your liquids.


aquaskin® reduces carbon footprint by replacing single-use plastic water bottles. Instead of burning carbon and wasting precious resources using plastic disposable bottles, replace them with a re-usable aquaskin®. aquaskin® is also fully recyclable and can be re-worked and made into a number of different products at the end of its life cycle.


aquaskin® is dishwasher-safe for hygienic cleaning. Just remove the bottle cap and carabiner clip, then place your aquaskin® on a dishwasher spike in the dishwasher and it's as good as new!


Just pop your filled aquaskin in the freezer and you'll have an icy cold beverage ready in the morning. Great for summer, the beach and long hikes, runs and walks!


Each aquaskin® also features a carabiner for attaching to bags or belts, or even for folding the bottle into.

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