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Ruby Red Aquaskin 475ML / 16oz

  • Price: A$8.95

Aquaskin Foldable Drink Bottles are the perfect way to carry your water or sports drink whether you're training, jogging, hiking or even at work.

With the side clip (carabiner), you can attach the bottle to your bag, bike or clothing. When empty folds to a fraction of its original size for storage in your pocket or bag.

During hot weather, fill your bottle, throw it in the freezer for an icy chilled drink or use as an ice pack in a lunch box!

Each Aquaskin Foldable Drink Bottle is BPA Free & Dishwasher & Freezer Safe made with BRC certified food grade non-toxic materials.

- BRC certified food grade
- High grade materials that are virgin, not recycled and do not contain contaminants
- Non toxic inks
- Anti-choking hazard sports spout
- Dishwasher safe to 85C/170F
- Freezer safe
- Can be rolled or folded
- Carabiner or clip that does not cut or tear

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