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How do i clean my Aquaskin
When first using your Aquaskin, you must clean it with warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse it. You should also clean the spout and internal parts with warm soapy water after a few refills. You can also pop it into the dishwasher.

Can I freeze my Aquaskin?
Yes, go ahead and freeze it. Freeze and use as an ice pack or just for nice cold water. Try filling your bottle half-way, placing in the freezer overnight, then filling with cold water in the morning to enjoy an icy-cold beverage for hours!

Can I put hot liquids in my Aquaskin?
The Aquaskin is designed to withstand hot liquids, even boiling for extreme cleaning. However, the bottle becomes quite hot and could be dangerous when touched. We recommend sticking to cooler liquids.

Can I put my Aquaskin in the dishwasher?
The Aquaskin is designed to withstand temperatures of 80C (175F) for long periods and higher temperatures for short periods, which is suitable for most domestic dishwashers. if you wish to use it in commercial dishwashers in restaurants and bars, please check the temperature first.

Can I put liquids other than water in my Aquaskin?
Yes, you can put any of your favorite refreshments in your Anti-Bottle. However, we do not recommend liquids with very strong flavors. These may have the potential to affect the taste of your Anti-Bottle, especially if it's not thoroughly cleaned between uses. DO NOT squeeze fresh lemon directly into your bottle, unless you want lemony water for a few weeks.

Can I put alcoholic beverages in my Aquaskin?
You can! BUT, only if you are of legal drinking age!

Can I take my Aquaskin outdoors or use while hiking and/or backpacking?
Yep, you sure can! Take your Aquaskin everywhere.

Will my Aquaskin leak if I put it in my backpack, briefcase or purse?
If you carry your Aquaskin filled in a pack or purse, please ensure the cap is screwed on completely after refilling or it could leak. Please also only use Aquaskin caps which are watertight and food safe. Always be careful when stowing your Aquaskin.

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